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A Bolt-on Applied Algorithmic R&D Dream Team turns algorithmic challenges in uncharted waters into plug and play production solutions

We boost data driven organizations beyond commodity methodologies and skills to extract value from machine learning, AI and high impact, non-trivial algorithms

Our Services

We’re the applied algorithmic R&D jetpack!

Whether you’re a recently funded startup making its first steps in tackling major algorithmic challenges, or a multi billion dollar corporation wishing to enhance its top talent - we’re here to help you achieve faster time to market and lower overall R&D costs.

We provide a full suite of services by world class experts

Cyber Security and Crime Prevention

Military and Defense Systems

Medical Devices and healthcare applications

Automotive, aviation and maritime systems


We architect, design, develop, analyze, scale and enhance Algorithms, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for major industries

1  | Strategic consulting


Strategic consulting on translating business requirements into effective algorithms and algorithmic data pipelines, usually in uncharted waters

2  | Planning and advising

Planning and advising on fundamental or advanced ML and AI infrastructure and development, specifically focusing on research and research-production-feedback cycles

 3 | Performing


Performing black-ops, heavy lifting proofs of concept projects, bolt on subject specific tasks and more...

 4 | Developing

Developing heavy lifting, core IP, machine learning and AI based product lines; constantly improving and upgrading capabilities per business objects  

Our Services

Unique Values

Our customers always own all IP and deliverables. This is especially  important when our work generates core products and patents; everything is yours. We do our best to use open source tools when applicable, and strive to accommodate any effective R&D environment.

Our goal is to empower and enable our customers to control and manage all of our deliverables, as soon as they are ready. Everything we do is explainable, maintainable and documented, including methodologies, know-what, know-how and know-why.

We are transparent and agile; we share our progress and assumptions in real time, and update on status often, in most cases daily. This gives our customers frequent options to review, provide feedback and change directions and priorities. We keep you informed, always.

Why work with us ?

Case Studies

We’re helping organizations achieve non-trivial algorithmic R&D targets faster, better and more economically, by utilizing our world class talent without incurring the headcount.


Click below to learn more on actual case studies.

1  | Ongoing Technology Contribution To A Strong CTO Team

Mature ISV that empowers law enforcement, military and intelligence, and corporate customers with relevant and defensible digital evidence to build stronger cases and more effective operations.

2  | Never Done Before ML With Minimal Resources 

Start up enabling to gauge the behavioral & cognitive profiles of corporate talent. Solution built on spatial data structures, neuroscience, psychology and machine learning research.

 3 | Core AI Product Research & Development


Young funded start up using cutting edge, game-changing ML and AI to offer network and application threat protection and mitigation in real time

Case Studies


We work with world class corporations, startups and leading organizations. Here are some of our trusted customers:

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We constantly welcome talented people to join our team! ​We are proud of our work, and are successful due to our passionate team of dedicated people. If you’ve got the desire to be a part of a creative and innovative group of professionals in a fun and rewarding environment, then we invite you to check out our current openings. Even if there are no relevant openings, drop us a line at with a link to your LinkedIn profile or CV.


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