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About Us

Corporations and startups alike struggle sometimes to create the applied algorithmic solutions required to tap the trillions of dollars in revenue in cyber security, fintech, healthcare, defence, automotive, industry and other major markets.


While everybody looks to data science to extract this revenue, most data science teams and data driven organizations still use commodity methodologies, tools and personnel to tackle challenges that are more often than not unique, never tried before or exist in uncharted, Terra Incognita. bridges the gap between the hard reality of having to achieve business objectives with available resources, and the sometimes unknown complexity of advanced data science, machine learning and AI projects.


We employ world class talent to assist leading tech and industry corporations translate their business goals to achievable data science endeavours, and budget and build data science teams that are optimized to achieve maximum results. We also consult, train and sometimes off load on heavy lifting tasks and projects.

Founder and Chief Scientist


Shlomo Yona was founded by Shlomo Yona, a renowned interdisciplinary applied algorithmic research and development expert. Shlomo holds academic degrees in applied computer science and computational linguistics, and has hands on and managerial experience in algorithmic research and applied production of over 20 years. In his last role before founding, Shlomo headed F5's algorithmic research division, located in Tel Aviv.

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